Jan 22, 2014

TransMaker can turn your Samsung smartphone into a tablet

Have you got a Samsung smartphone? Would you like to save some cash and instead of buying a separate tablet, use your handheld as a tablet instead, when needed?
Chinese company Shenzhen Migoal might just have the solution for that.
Given that your device is a Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S III you can use the company's TransMaker to turn your smartphone into a tablet, or even a touchscreen notebook!

The TransMaker will be available in two sizes: a "small" 10.1-inch display equipped with 1280 x 800-pixel resolution and a higher-end model with a 11.6-inch display with Full HD 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution.

Both models will come with built-in batteries, and attachable keyboards for some extra cash.
What will come as standard though is a rear slot where you'll slide in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to power up the slate. 

Interestingly, the TransMaker manufacturer will also have for sale a small Bluetooth-powered candy bar phone for receiving or making calls without having to unplug the Samsung device from the tablet's slot.

The company is looking to crowd-fund the project with $100,000 and given that, is looking into shipping first orders by March.

The Asus PadFone-inspired gadget will start at a mere $99, a very reasonable price to pay if you already have a Samsung S4 or SIII and would rather not have to shell out more cash for a tablet.

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Alleged iPhone 6's frame leaks online

An other day an other iPhone rumor as it seems.
A number of alleged leaked photos of the coming iPhone 6 suggest a larger display size on an overall thinner device.

The pictures which were posted on Weibo show very little information, even to be considered genuine.

Judging from them though, the alleged iPhone 6 is going to be almost impossibly thin, but perhaps more importantly, increase considerably in size.

If previous rumors are to be believed, Apple is looking into a possible May launch of the next generation iPhone, so if that is right, production of the iPhone has probably already started.

Apple is facing very stiff competition from the Android-powered crowd and indeed the iPhone's displays look quite small when seen against the phablets of today.

If Apple is going to be releasing indeed a larger iPhone in May remains to be seen, yet we believe the company needs to do that as soon as possible.

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British Telecom tests unthinkable-speed broadband over fiber

Broadband internet is reaching new heights with BT's test of new technology that allows data transfer of unthinkable speeds of 1.4 terabits per second over plain fiber optics! That is the equivalent data rate of 44 uncompressed HD movies per second!

BT has partnered with Alcatel-Lucent and has created what they say is the world's fastest "real-world" internet connection.
The interesting part though is that no exotic hardware is needed for the data transfer: common fiber optics are persuaded to transfer at those unbelievable data rates.

To give an idea of the actual, real-life speed of the connection BT says its core network is able of transmitting a massive 44 uncompressed HD movies per second!

Currently the project is purely a speed test, yet BT and Alcatel-Lucent are looking into the possibilities of delivering the massive speed broadband to users in the UK, since streaming content is clearly the future in media and is expected to totally replace downloads as soon as the network 
infrastructure allows it.

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Sharp unveils AQUOS mini phone with 490ppi Full HD display!

Sharp might not be the first brand to pop into your mind when you think about smartphones, but this could as well change.
The company has unveiled a new AQUOS Serie mini SHL24 smartphone, featuring a very impressive 490-ppi Full HD display!

The device features Sharp's own IGZO screen technology, and manages to have such a high pixel density having a 4.5-inch display with Full HD resolution.

But that's not all: the AQUOS Serie mini SHL24 has one of the slimmest bezels available in any smartphone today giving the device well defined, high-tech looks.

The smartphone packs a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon CPU, 16GB of built-in storage with microSD support and a 13-megapixel camera.
The device runs Android Jelly bean 4.2 and it is also water-resistant.

Sharp will release the new gadget in a variety of colors, but unfortunately the device is currently Japan-only.
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra launches in Japan

Would you rather have a phablet, that is not a really a phone, yet not exactly a tablet either?...

Strange as it might seem at first, this is exactly what the new Xperia Z Ultra is: a "phablet" stripped from all radios and cell features, masqueraded as a WiFi-only tablet...

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a 6.4-inch affair, big enough to be considered a tablet, or just a large smartphone without the phone?

Potential buyer will really decide about that.
Sony will release the device this week in Japan and probably nowhere else for the moment at least, where it will cost a pretty penny too: a cool 52,000 yen, or 370 euros for a "tablet" this size, can not really be considered a bargain...

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Jan 21, 2014

Nintendo stock plummeted by 18% following profit warning issued; still no Nintendo plans porting games to smartphones

Somewhat a victim of its own success, Nintendo saw its stock plummeted by a massive 18% in one day, following a profit warning issued by the company.

Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata is wanted by shareholders to step down, blamed for many of the company troubles, yet Iwata will not do that, at this point at least.

On a different front, yet connected to a possible quick fix for Nintendo's profitability, Iwata doesn't want Nintendo games on smartphones.
In a news conference last Friday Iwata said: “The spread of smart devices does not spell the end of game consoles. It’s not that simple…It doesn’t mean that we should put Mario on smartphones.”

Nintendo seems a tough nut to crack: even though there is currently an obvious problem with profitability, Nintendo remains a company which has only posted a loss in three years since its establishment way back in 1889!

In an ever-changing technology world, it might seem like a good idea to port the famous Nintendo games to smartphones and tablets, and Nintendo's resistance to that front is believed to be just conservative business attitude by many; yet it seems that the long-term longevity of the innovative Japanese manufacturer, lies with having its very own, distinct gaming platform.

And all that for a company that exists way before most households had even heard of electricity, let alone gaming consoles!

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Galaxy S5 to be announced Feb 23, released late April, according to rumors

An other day, an other Galaxy S5 rumor, as it seems.
This time, rumors want Samsung to be prepping for a Galaxy S5 February 23rd announcement, followed by a late April release for the company's next flagship.

The rumor comes from technology journalist Eldar Murtazin, a serial mobile news leakster.

But that's not all: the tech journalist predicts even the exact time and place the Samsung new flagship will be launched on (!): Samsung is expected to hold a press event at 6 p.m. on Feb. 23rd in Barcelona, Spain, just ahead of 2014 MWC, according to Murtazin...
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Apple sells record 55.3 million iPhones in 2014 Q1, according to analysts

The iPhone might face very stiff competition from virtually everyone in the industry, yet Apple seems to be doing extremely well, still.
While waiting for Cupertino to publish fiscal Q1 2014 earnings in a week's time, analysts predict the company managed to move a record 55.3 million iPhones during the period!

The figure is an average between both pro and amateur analyst estimates, generated by Fortune.
Given the nature of the data, there is quite a variety of estimates, obviously.

At the top, there is a pro analyst saying Apple sold just over 59 million iPhones during the quarter (which included sales during the 2013 holiday shopping season) while at the lowest estimate, an other analyst predicts 50 million iPhones sold.

It remains to be seen if that figure will prove right next week, but if Apple has indeed sold 55.3 million iPhones that would represent a major 16 percent increase in iPhone sales compared to fiscal Q1 2013.

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Google Glass wearing man arrested in cinema by FBI

We have already reported on traffic tickets issued to Google Glass wearing drivers, but it seems you can get into a lot more trouble for wearing the futuristic gadget...
A man was arrested by the FBI while watching a movie with prescription lenses equipped Google Glass on!
Read on...

In an Ohio movie theater an unnamed explorer was apprehended by the FBI, while watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.
It is interesting that the FBI was involved, as obviously the man was mistakenly thought as someone too dangerous to be confronted by plain police.

The man said he had worn his Google Glass equipped with prescription lenses two times before getting busted by the Federal Bureau, at the very same theater.
Not only that, but he had theater employees approaching him and asking him about the gadget those last two times.

Yet, last weekend, back at his favorite theater, the man was approached by an agent instead, as he was watching the movie with his wife.

The agent demanded the man goes outside with him, where almost 10 officers were waiting for him.
The Google Glass wearing man was then accused of “illegally taping the movie” since, as we know, the gadget is indeed able of video recording.

The poor man and his wife were extensively interviewed, yet voluntarily, about the supposed movie pirating.
The man insisted of doing nothing wrong, having both the Glass and his smartphone turned off as instructed, and explained that he actually needed the Glass to watch the film, since it has prescription lenses on it.

After some (long) time, an other agent came with a notebook and USB cable and the man was explained that it was his last chance to say the truth, before the USB cable revealed what he had done!

The man kept saying he did nothing wrong, and that all that was a huge misunderstanding.
The USB bearing agent then connected the Glass to his notebook and checked all the files it had in it.

Five minutes later the FBI decided there was no wrongdoing whatsoever, so they let the man go.

The man wonders now if he should sue the FBI for all the trouble he went through, or not...
But, at least he got some taste of real espionage drama/thrill he himself, instead of watching it on that movie!
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Jan 20, 2014

Native Union uveils $50 Jump charging cable

With the battery life being the single most important complaint of smartdevices' users around the world, Native Union' unveiling of the Jump charging cable can only be good news! 
Indeed the innovative gadget can charge your Lightning or microUSB plug-equipped gadget on the go and all without breaking the bank.

Jump comes with an 800mAh battery and a braided cable, ending to either a Lightning or microUSB adapter and another with a USB plug.

The hardware itself is really lightweight, yet quite sturdy. 
The cords wrap around the central square-shaped box when not in use, while when fully extracted measure in about 45cm long.

There are also three led lights, able of indicating built-in battery levels when the user of the gadget presses a button on its rear.

Jump will be available in May for a very reasonable $50.

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